Saturday, January 8, 2011

the good luck men

3.18.10 4:08 AM

To the ones in the front
To the ones most aware of their deaths
I honor and pledge the good luck men
The Frenchified, the dignified, the ones dressed in grey
To the good looking, sounding
Amidst their foreign smiles and miles
I say hello
They continue in their eaves
With interesting names and stories and wine
With loving force and exes and limes
Oh yes to the Anothers
Oh let us fail applause
Looking and lying and laughing and leaning
I shrink to feel my pause
Looking and laughing and loving and leaving
Unsettled in your cause
Let it be let it be let it be let it be
Let it on the loose inside of me
Yesterdays and promises in circles of your tendencies
I hear
More as soon as I’m able
I know of bandwidth
I know of length
And failure
And fixings
And beauty
And strength.
Look at me look at me look at me look
I have a tendency to preclude
Your finishings
Your book

Why not forget me
The one who forgot you
Why not let me go
Stephane, St. Stephane, won’t you let me go?

Your finishings your promisings your lovlings
They all drive me mad
Up in arms of shortbreads and saplings in nature
You still could never let me go
I’m gingerbreading, I’m happening. I am cornering your year
I have had the balls the bruises the callings
All within this show
Inching towards your secrets
Your secure favors and pasts
How I never knew you never knew it could never

Aw shaw shaw shough shaw
I really have you and have really known you in my pasts
You lied to me by forgiving me you
Never told me why or explained
Why you were mad at me why you
Held back your refrain

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