Thursday, March 31, 2011

resurrection plants

Looking through the blinds, she said It's ok you can laugh and make fun of your mom.  Titepoule, tell me a funny story.  Tell me a funny story.

When I'm alone, I don't have conversations with myself out loud.  I have them internally in my head.  Then they come out subtly like everyone you know, and I try to capture that, something interesting.  So there’s this lady from London.  She sells resurrection plants, which require no water, no light.  They are an eternal symbol of hope and rebirth, from dry and lifeless to lush witnesses.  They hold onto life forever.  When you're ready for them, and only when you're ready for them, you place them in water and like Lazarus they open to the world of the living, stretching their arms.  They whisper about the long night they woke from about their travels in time about the ballad of their neighbors and how they were stolen, disappeared and forgotten.  And as she stared at this riddle, her eyes began to yap with vivid memories of times, times she felt like that dead plant.  And this was one of those incidents when she switched to life - that second chance feeling - and she said to me the same thing she said to the plant, You are like me, you are starting to experience things that are out of the ordinary.

E. Kelly's Spiritual Journey on Exemplify what you believe: 

"Demonstrate truth constantly so that whatever you say comes from the heart.  Consider seriously what you believe, and from that belief speak to others.  From that belief do what is before you.  From this inner awareness, move, live and have your being."

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