Saturday, April 16, 2011

soul surgery

They’re the Hitler butlers burying the bird
Trying to
And wanting to
Be Accepted
And Wanted
To remember the freestyle way of
Knowing that bird
If that bird ever did exist
On the valence
Of our eyes
Or perhaps in our hearts
If our hearts were ever theirs

So they’d feel their sweat if they ever did
In sudden
Of the Life
And Loss
To sense a flow and somewhat flushing
Of themselves
If they really did exist
Before the mirror
Beyond their risks
Because they never knew
If their souls were theirs to sew


E. Kelly's Spiritual Journey on Live Courageously:

"One of the most helpful things for you to do is face the things you fear the most.  If you fear death the most, face it.  If it is illness, if it is becoming helpless, concentrate on it and face it, and realize all the things you still could do if these things happened.  Concentrate on the reality that death is but a transition.  Once you face these fears, they become insignificant, and you can continue living.  True living is practicing the presence of God."

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