Monday, May 9, 2011

on heaven's lawn

On heaven’s lawn
A life, whispers

Like popping holidays
In my ear
Swaying, bending, knowing, loving
Riddles and secrets
Float in that space
Of no space

Balanced in the impossible
In divine patrol
Sleeping in truth as truth sleeps in me
And it is here we lie
Cooling doubts
Of no doubt

On heaven’s lawn
A life, whispers

Love, you sleep in me
Life, you breathe in me
Death, you know me
Cushions and cushions of illusions
Push the clouds of time
Yet I respond to the eternal
Becoming the smallest part of myself
Soaking in basins of relief
Stepping in the deepest part of myself
Becoming the unknown
Of no self
Of no time

La Camargue, France