Saturday, March 31, 2012

seduced by puppets

Getting rid of ghosts, of animals that have no heads, no tail in the intimate world, the experience of earth, abstract and obvious.  Empty flutes and breaks in arcs of knowledge, past fixed understanding.  Reaching disciplines to put oneself in the ultimate place of sharing the past, as well known as the continued search. 

The romantic idiots, improper in the words they dress in.  Looking like visions of impossible beauty, they try to open others as they open themselves.  Eccentrics, with intentions of eating each other’s minds, entering, imposing, suspended on gentle mountains and the velour of air, forcing their roles to be understood.

Towering with strings no one else is supposed to see.  What refinement, what sorrow, that moves our wooden bones like an only feather on a lake.

Artifices and edifices
Dimensions of reflections
Courses of deception- a disharmony between the players and spectators in the theatre of jokes.  Cities of victims, organized groups searching for truth.  Sects of philosophers, the terrible infants, of prose, of concepts, to criticize, to use. 

A sulphurous life – born into the disadvantage of your generation and the half generation before you.  Raw space in language leaving perspective of ancient language.  Such aggressive precision, psychoanalyzing, forcing others to say what they should.  Seduced by irony, souvenirs to share with everyone.  Turning and converging the young.  When little voices invade.

Traveling through their favorite creations deciding they’d live forever.  Masters of architecture and stupidity.  Elaborate simplicity, practicing your sense.  Working on notions, of other worlds and oracles, modern gods and geniuses come to speak to the public.  Understanding hyperbole encompasses all.  Looking at the fluorescence in others, past the medium lines to the individuals who’ve cannibalized their intelligence, their opaque voices.  Figuring most philosophers are dead or modest.

Possessed by secrets, wanting to do somersaults in the love of truth of life, in death, in continuation.  Knowing we're not essential to this life.  Graced with hope, not urgency, provoking rivers of criticism, celebrating or not celebrating being thrown away.

The literal world, the digital world, the confused world, the plain world, the resembled world, the formed world, the traveled world, the consequences of the world, the profound world, the platforms of the world, the techniques of the world, the first world, the revolution of the world, the effected world, the given world, the quantities of the world, the changes of world, doubts of world, the new world, the touched world, the classic world of faculties, measures, transmissions, substance and subsistence, symptoms and introductions, of concepts, archives in the mobile and interested world, inherited from ancestors to our contemporary world.  To outlive ourselves, hysterical questions to bring us back to ourselves.  Progressing into the artificial.

Time Travel, 2010

E. Kelly's Spiritual Journey on Love One Another:
"You have to learn to love as you learn to play a violin.  though we may be born with an instinct for music, we are not born knowing how to express it perfectly.  The emotion of love is natural, but refinement is often necessary because love has become confused with pleasure."

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